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New Construction Experts

First Cleaning New Construction

Did you finally find your dream home and decide to update the kitchen and bathrooms? Have you lived in your home for 20 years but decided it’s time to give it a fresh design and updated fixtures? Are you a contractor or construction company and need a reliable, professional, and insured cleaning service provider to get the final touches of your jobs done and ready for your clients to move into happily? First Cleaning Service specializes in post-construction cleaning services, and we’re here to help.

First Cleaning Service offers 100% customizable post-construction cleaning services to help get your project moving forward faster. Every construction site is unique, which is why all our post-construction cleaning services are customized to what you need to be cleaned.

Experienced People can help you more.

Post-construction cleaning requires a specialized hand. So don’t just settle for the first company you find with good reviews.
You want a company you can count on to deliver on budget and on time — in addition to the safety concerns.

Kitchen Cleaning

Living Room Cleaning

Bathrooms Cleaning

Floors Cleaning and more!

Professional Cleaning

You’ve spent a lot of money and time on the construction or renovation of your space, creating it exactly as you want. However, educated consumers know that the final phase of construction is excellent impeccable post-construction cleaning, to leave your home or office clean and safe for living and working.
Why Choose Us

We will carefully remove any remnants of silica and construction debris – leaving your home or office in safe move-in condition.


When you choose Post Construction Cleaning by First Cleaning Service, you are assured that every material is cleaned safely using only the finest and safest cleaning products.

Expert Cleaners

We specialize in construction detail cleaning and have the experience and knowledge for all residential and commercial construction site projects.